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Effective October 1st, 2011, Congress mandated that rates for CheckCard, Debit, and other regulated cards reduce to .05%! Only Merchants on Interchange & Plus will receive these decrease/rebates.

We place ALL our merchants on Interchange & Plus! No more non-exist Mid-Qualified & Non-Qualified Surcharges!

Let us show you the BEST & Most Honest way to accept credit cards today!  Risk Free & Guaranteed!

Spectrum Payment Solution is a full-service bankcard service company specializing in retail storefront credit card authorization, credit card terminals, and online, real time credit card processing.  Our representatives are among the most knowledgeable specialists in the bankcard service industry. We are able to offer the most cost-effective rates and the best processing solution for your unique merchant account. We offer these low processing rates and FREE credit card terminals while providing excellent customer service.

We also help you to understand all the ins and outs of the bankcard service industry, such as the types of business best suited for a particular credit card processing machine, or whether your business would be best served by a software application for your credit card processing needs. Because our bankcard service, credit card processing services, credit card terminals, and merchant accounts are offered exclusively on the internet, there are no salesmen or middlemen involved. Therefore we can offer you the least expensive credit card machines and the most competitive credit card processing rates. We offer these low bankcard service processing rates and affordable credit card terminals while providing excellent customer service.

Whatever type of business you in, be it internet, retail storefront, or mail order, our bankcard service and credit card processing will get you more customers and make you more money. We set up merchant accounts for a wide variety of different industries such as restaurants, retail stores and wholesalers. We handle the bankcard service needs for catalogs and set up merchant accounts for companies offering financial services. We can provide your business with a merchant account that will make credit card processing convenient and efficient. Spectrum Payment Solutions, can set up a merchant account for you, provide you terminals, or online payment processing system, and give your business the support it needs.

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